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 The top of the front page of lynepaquette.com.

The top of the front page of lynepaquette.com.

By Chris Dilworth
Date: 2021-08-27T00:00
Summary: A static bilingual website comissioned by a popular Montreal-based theatrical Set Designer. It is hand-coded using plain HTML/CSS and hosted on AWS.

About this website

Set Designer Lyne Paquette first comissioned a website from M3tə in 2009! It has gone through a number of different incarnations since then, and this is the latest.

It is a simple site, primarily designed to be responsive (to work well on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens) and is maintained on a month-to-month basis by M3tə.

It consists of one main English page and one main French page with each page section reached from a collapsable menu. Each production title image has an animated title with an opaque overlay and zoom effect that is activated on mouse-over.

Each production has its own sub-page featuring production details and a carousel of images of that set.

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