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 About page of taichi-qigong.ca.

About page of taichi-qigong.ca.

By Chris Dilworth
Date: 2021-08-27T00:00
Summary: A static bilingual website comissioned by a Tai Chi instructor on Montreal's South Shore. It is hand-coded using Node.js/Express and TailwindCSS and hosted on AWS. Instructional videos are hosted on YouTube.

About this website

Tai Chi instructor Sandra Mitchell approached M3tə to build a site for her practice in 2021. It contains her personal philosophy, the history of the martial art, and her client testamonials.

It is a simple site, primarily designed to be responsive (to work well on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens) and to be easy to maintain by the client. The pricing and course times are on a linked Google Doc that the client updates herself.

Each page is reached by a collapsing menu and consists of a number of columns, depending on the screen width, in which the information flows vertically and horizontally.

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